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2015 FHIR Chiefs Calendar

Publication date: Jan 07, 2015

The 2015 edition of the FHIR Calendar has just been published - featuring the participants of the FHIR Developer Days held in Amsterdam.

During the HL7 Working group meeting in Chicago (fall of 2014) we took some pictures of the three FHIR Chiefs (Grahame Grieve, Lloyd McKenzie and Ewout Kramer) in uniform - for promotional purposes. We brought the suits and helmets with us from Amsterdam, because it was cheaper to buy them in Amsterdam then to rent them in Chicago. One of the photos was used during the plenary session of the HL7 meeting, and spread like wild-FHIR on twitter.

Unbeknown to us Europeans the concept of a "Fire Fighters Calendar" is a well known phenomenon in the US - mostly featuring Chippendale style muscular blokes in partial uniforms. This sparked the idea to create our own FHIR calendar, which would feature (not in Chippendale style, to the chagrin of some perhaps) groups of FHIR implementers. These photos were taken during the FHIR Developer Days held in November 2014 in Amsterdam. See below for an impression of the contents of the calendar.

2015 FHIR Calendar

The Calendars will be sold for USD 10/EUR 10 (depending on the location of the particular FHIR event) - which serves to cover some of the printing costs. However, if you're pictured in one of the photographs you'll receive one for free. The calenders will be available during the following (2015) FHIR events:

  • January 17/18: FHIR Connectathon in San Antonio, USA
  • February 6: FHIR Connectathon in Helsinki, Finland
  • April 29: FHIR Connectathon in Hamilton, Canada
  • May 9/10: FHIR Connectathon in Paris, France
  • October 3/4: FHIR Connectathon in Atlanta, USA
  • November 18-20: FHIR DevDays in Amsterdam, the Netherlands

I'd like to (yet again) thank those members of the FHIR community who agreed to be photographed for this calendar. It is a true sign of the FHIR community spirit. We'd like to invite you to participate in the 2016 photo shoot later this year .. (grin)


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