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2016 FHIR Jedi Calendar

Publication date: Jan 06, 2016

The 2016 edition of the FHIR Calendar has just been published - featuring 119 FHIR implementers, C3PO and Yoda.

After the success of the 2015 FHIR Calendar (with a "FHIR Chiefs" theme) we're proud to announce that the 2016 edition (with a Star Warsian "FHIR Saber" theme) has just been published.

2016 HL7 FHIR Jedi Calendar

Ed Hammond (godfather of HL7, and FHIR implementer) assigned a 5 star rating to this calendar, stating "Wish I were in it!". One of the pictured FHIR Jedi, whilst being proud of being in our calendar, sighed and said "the worst thing is .. my family back home will see this". Indeed, they will.

The calendar is created/published by members of the FHIR community - for the benefit of the FHIR community; in order to strengthen the FHIR community spirit. We'd like to thank this year's sponsors for picking up most of the costs: Akana, FHIR DevDays 2016, Firely, HL7 International, Ringholm and Simplifier.net.

Photos for this years calendar were shot during the fall 2015 HL7 WGM in Atlanta, as well as the 2015 FHIR DevDays meeting in Amsterdam. If you're pictured on the calendar you'll receive one free copy (available at any of the 2016 FHIR hackathon events, including the HL7 WGM which starts this week). All others pay USD 10/EUR 10 (depending on the location of the particular FHIR event) - which serves to cover some of the printing costs. To qoute Yoda: "Buy, or not buy, there is no try".

I'd like to (yet again) thank those members of the FHIR community who agreed to be photographed for this calendar. It is a true sign of the FHIR community spirit - may the FHIR be with you.

We'd like to invite you to participate in the 2017 photo shoot later this year .. (grin) .. be prepared for yet another theme!


P.S. Please send me an e-mail should you wish to be one of the sponsors of the 2017 calendar.

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