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Chicago FHIR Update

Publication date: Oct 13, 2014

A FHIR update from the Chicago HL7 Meeting last month.

The last international HL7 working group meeting was held mid-September in Chicago. Grahame Grieve wrote a detailed report about that meeting - this post contains a few things that add to that report, notably a number of video reports.


HL7 is continuing the development work related to CDA R2.1. CDA R2.1 is a schema-compatible extension of the current CDA (R2) specification - the extensions are related to additional functionality, terminology updates, and data type fixes. Those workng on this update report a lack of volunteer participation, the focus seems to be on the development of an entirely new CDA (R3) specification.

HL7 CDA R3 will in all likelihood be based on FHIR, and not on the HL7 version 3 RIM. The same underlying fundamental principles will apply to CDA R3 as they did in R2. The use of FHIR as the underlying technology will however have an impact on some of the assumptions made when authoring R2 - the nature of a FHIR document is different than that of a HL7v3 RIM based document.

Keith Boone discusses CDA R3 (recorded Sept.2013)

FHIR update

A FHIR hackathon/connectathon was held as well, the largest thus far. The number of test scenarios and their complexity is still increasing.

FHIR Connectathon in Chicago, Fall 2014

There is some discussion as to where FHIR should be positioned in the Gartner hype curve. Wes Rishel, former board chair, and former analist with Gartner, discusses FHIR and the hype curve in the video below. Implementers and others are starting to realize the complexity of FHIR Profiles - perhaps a sign that we've reached the "peak of inflated expectations."

Wes Rishel, speaking about the FHIR Hype Curve (recorded Sept.2014)

For promotional purposes we created a photo of the "FHIR Chiefs" - a video interview with the FHIR chiefs, about the recent connectathon and the future developments of FHIR, can be found below.

Update by the FHIR Chiefs (recorded Sept. 2014)

The next opportunity to get enganged with FHIR will be the FHIR Developer Days in Amsterdam on November 24 to 26 (2014). I'll certainly be there.


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