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HL7 v3 deployment statistics

Publication date: Dec 17, 2009

We may not know where HL7 standards are implemented, but at least we have some statistics from a couple of large projects.

HL7 v3 usage in the English NHS

The English NHS, one of the leading implementers when it comes to HL7 v3, are now at well over 1 million v3 transactions per day, probably nearer 2 million. Each transaction is a protocol which involves multiple messages, so if we were to count messages the figure is probably 10 times that. See the deployment statistics as published by the English NHS.

The Spine transmits over 1 million primary care prescriptions issued per day; the vast majority are entered onto physicians own systems, and probably half now flow through the electronic prescription service (EPS). An EPS transaction in release 2 covers dispensing and re-imbursement, with messages flowing between physician, pharmacy, reimbursement centre and a central repository.

Most spine transactions involve a demographics access; all are keyed on the NHS patient number. Hence a single transaction always has multiple messages.

general information about the Spine as well as a list of systems that use V3 can be found here: GP Systems, Spine, Pharmacy Systems, Demographics services, Summary Care Record.

HL7 v3 usage in the Netherlands

The Dutch national infrastructure for the exchange of healthcare data (AORTA) is in the early stages of implementation. The statistics below are based on two key AORTA projects (prescription/medication information, exchange of locum GP reports) and on the access to the central demographics service (SBV-Z).

The total number of healthcare providers in the Netherlands is 6368: 4321 GP/PCP practices, 127 locum GP/PCP centres, 1825 pharmacies and 95 hospitals. The current number of healthcare providers connected to AORTA is 400 (November 2009). The aim for the end of 2009 is to have 560 healthcare providers connected to AORTA, and about 2500 healthcare providers in 2010.

Partial information from 800000 patients are currently (November 2009) online. In August 2009 is was reported that about 22000 medication-history queries are sent each month; as well as 9000 locum GP/PCP EHR summary transfers.

A list of systems that use/support v3 can be found here: VAN (ZSP), Software applications (XIS).


I'll try and get hold of the deployment statistics for other large projects (notably Finland). If you know of deployment statistics for ither projects, please drop me an e-mail.


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