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IHE XDS - testing and implementation tools

Publication date: Aug 25, 2015

What tools exist to test and implement IHE XDS ?

IHE XDS Testing

On September 16th/17th we'll present another iteration of the XDS Advanced training course (in Amsterdam), presented by Eric Poiseau (IHE Europe), Robert Breas (IHE Academy) and me. We'll be covering a whole series of IHE XDS testing and simulation tools - not with the aim to prepare the attendees for taking part in a connectathon, but with the aim to equip those that already have experience with XDS with the right tools to do XDS testing and debugging.

One of the final agenda items is to also briefly show what 'XDS implementation tools' exist. I'd like to request your help, as it relatively hard to find any up to date lists of such tools.

IHE XDS Implementation Tools

So what's an 'XDS Implementation Tool'? I'll use the following definition: Those tools/toolkits that enable a software programmer to turn a (existing) software application into an IHE XDS/XCA/XDS-I/XCA-I actor. This excludes XDS-enabled message brokers such as Rhapsody, Cloverleaf, Mirth and Forcare Connect. The tools that will be discussed are limited to projects/products that are ‘alive’ (recent release, and/or lively support forum).

It's my aim to (at least) provide a level of detail about these toolkits that includes the following aspects:

  1. Open source / Commercial,
  2. Year of product launch
  3. Platform (.net/Java/..)
  4. XDS actors / XDS-I actors
.. to ensure that the attendees of our training course will have an initial idea as to what tools/toolkits may merit further investigation.

So far (but this is incomplete, especially when it comes to the commercial players) I've added the following tools to my list (in random order):

(Last update to the above list: 2015-09-18)

Which one did I miss and should be added to the list ? Please drop me an e-mail, we'd like to present a solid overview of the available tools.


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