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New XDS Advanced training course on offer by IHE Services and IHE Academy

Publication date: Jul 14, 2014

A new XDS Advanced training course will be offered in Amsterdam in September 2014.

On 8/9 September 2014 a new Advanced IHE XDS - hands-on and best practices training course will be offered in Amsterdam by IHE Academy and IHE Services. IHE Academy, the educational branch of IHE Netherlands, has taken the initiative to create this training course aimed at an international audience because it received multiple requests for such a training course. One of the most popular introductory training courses on offer by IHE Academy is an overview of XDS/XDS-I/XCA. The advanced training course however aims to provide the attendee with a more advanced skill set in the form of hands-on troubleshooting experience. It also offers guidance on how to design, develop and test software that uses the XDS/XDS-I/XCA specifications.

IHE Services (amongst other things responsible for testing and tooling – e.g. during IHE connectathons) has agreed to supply the expertise and the tutors/trainers for the hands-on part of the training course. The tutors will be Eric Poiseau and/or Abderrazek Boufahja (test managers and consultants with IHE Services), as well as Robert Breas and/or René Spronk (IHE trainers with IHE Academy and Ringholm).

As reflected by its name IHE Services tends to focus on the provision of services around (conformance) testing and test tools. It has been asked to do presentations about various IHE topics in the past; the joint organization of such a training course is however a first. By combining the experience of IHE Academy (when it comes to the provision of training courses) and IHE Services (when it comes to XDS specific tooling and testing) we hope to have created an attractive new offering.

"IHE services is excited to present known pitfalls and best practices, based on our many years of XDS connectathon test experience, to the course attendees" according to Cor Loef, general manager of IHE Services, "this kind of training course offers us yet another way of spreading the knowledge about the IHE profiles and their implementation."

Given the level of interest in XDS training courses in Europe I’m convinced this’ll be a good addition to our portfolio.


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