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About IHE Academy and new IHE training courses

Publication date: Jan 12, 2013

IHE Academy was launched by IHE Netherlands late 2012; Ringholm to offer a new set of IHE training courses in 2013.

IHE Academy

IHE Academy was founded by IHE Netherlands with the aim to provide education related to IHE and its standards (a.k.a. IHE profiles). IHE Netherlands is one of the more active European country-level IHE organizations and as such they would like to see IHE training courses being offered in the Dutch market. IHE Academy has the aim to reach out both to IHE members as well as to non-members; the provision of training courses has both an educational as well as a marketing goal.

Rene Spronk (Ringholm) and Robert Breas (IHE Academy training coordinator).
Shown from left: Rene Spronk (Ringholm) and Robert Breas (Ringholm, IHE Academy training coordinator)

The headline of IHE Academy is "Learn, Share, Connect": Learn about the IHE profiles, Share best practices and Connect those who work in healthcare IT with those that provide care or cure.

From January 1st 2013 onwards the actual delivery of the IHE training courses has been outsourced to Ringholm, i.e. its IHE training courses will be rebranded in the context of the IHE Academy. IHE Netherlands effectively came to the conclusion that it's near to impossible for its volunteers to create, maintain and deliver high quality training courses - this requires a significant effort and a rather specific set of skills. Ringholm has been acting as an outsourcing partner for about half a dozen HL7 country level organizations (a.k.a. HL7 affiliates) and as such it is well familiar with this type of arrangement.

Ringholm representatives and board members of IHE Netherlands upon signing the cooperation contract.
Signing the cooperation contract on december 12th. Shown from left: Hans Mekenkamp (PHIT), Nicky Hekster (IHE NL), Rene Spronk (Ringholm), Piet-Hein Zwaal (PHIT), Hans Hagoort (IHE NL), and Evert Sanders (IHE NL)

Even though our tutors/consultants have been involved in various IHE activities for years we used to deliver just one IHE training course - the contract with IHE Netherlands is a key driver to enhance the portfolio with a number of new IHE related training courses (see below for details). The IHE training courses will be presented in conjunction with IHE and Diagnostic Imaging experts from PHIT, a Dutch consultancy company, as well as other IHE experts.

Please note that IHE Academy (as a brand name, as an activity) is limited to the Netherlands. We've initiated talks with some of the other European IHE organizations to see whether they have an interest in a similar outsourcing agreement.

IHE training courses

Ringholm has created a number of new IHE training courses - these will be offered as part of IHE Academy in the Netherlands, through other resellers and as onsite training courses. This includes the IHE for Diagnostic Imaging, the Introduction to IHE and the IHE XDS training courses. All training courses have a modlular structure; this also provides us with the option to create an onsite training course that matches a particular requirement when it comes to IHE/HL7/DICOM related training courses.

IHE Training Courses
IHE Academy training courses for 2013

The content of the Introduction to DICOM and the Overview of healthcare interoperability standards training courses have been updated to fit with the new IHE training courses. The content of the Advanced DICOM and Device Interoperability training courses has yet to be finalized.

IHE education

It's not as if there is no educational material on IHE - there are tons of whitepapers, publications and recorded webinars. There's actually an overwhelming amount of information: a newbie to IHE probably has a hard time making sense of it all. That'll be our aim: to allow people to come to grips with IHE, to show the highlights, and to get people started in using/implementing the IHE specifications.

I'm pleased that we've been given this opportunity by IHE Netherlands, and by the fact that it will in all likelihood increase our educational offerings related to IHE all around Europe. We now cover most of the base standards used by IHE (e.g. HL7, DIOM) as well as IHE itself - a perfect combination to achieve interoperability in healthcare.


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