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Timezone Hotel

Publication date: Mar 29, 2011

Why isn't there such a thing as a "Timezone (TM) Hotel" that makes life easy on the short-stay visitor who desires to stick to their own timezone?

There's a two day HL7 RIMBAA meeting in Washington DC this week (see one of the next columns for a report) - which for me (as a European) means living out of sync with my fellow meeting attendees. The meeting is for two days only, and the time difference is just 6 hours (Europe being 6 hours ahead of Washington) - so I'm sticking to my own timezone. No sense in burdening myself with a jet lag when I can simply adhere to my own timezone.

Hotels don't really cater to people who decide to do so. I sleep from 6pm to 2am (all times local), .. and then there's no breakfast (or any other food for that matter) to be had. So I bought some peanuts from the guy who has the night shift at the front desk. I switch on all of the room lights and listen to a breakfast radio show (internet radio) and work until 7:30am (lunch for me, breakfast for my American colleagues). The meeting starts at 10:00am, and runs until 5pm, with lunch (my dinner). I won't be joining my colleagues for their dinner, as it's time to go to sleep again. All of this to ensure that I won't have a jet lag, neither on this nor or the other side of the Atlantic.

Given the number of short-stay visitors from Europe in Washington - why isn't there such a thing as a "Timezone (TM) Hotel" where facilities, and even the lighting, are adjusted to visitors from other timezones?


PS. Also see the related article A brief history of time zones on the BBC World website.

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