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HL7 UK signs deal with Ringholm to deliver HL7 v2/v3 training courses in London

Publication date: Sep 17, 2009

HL7 UK has announced HL7 v2 and v2 training courses to be held in London in October. For the past two years the only English-language HL7 training courses available in Europe were held in Sweden (Stockholm) and Norway (Trondheim). Ringholm has been contracted to provide the training.

About a month ago HL7 UK and Ringholm signed a cooperation agreement. This agreement forms the basis of the announcement of HL7 training courses by HL7 UK: HL7 UK are pleased to offer two courses, one in HL7 Version 2 and the other in Version 3, to be held in Central London in October 2009. The v2 and v3 training courses are both practical and hands-on 2-day training courses which are aimed at helping those involved with the design, development, implementation, deployment and support of systems that use (or will use) the HL7 Version 2 and Version 3 standards. The course tutor is René Spronk, HL7/IHE/DICOM Trainer, Ringholm. René has been providing both HL7 version 2 as well as HL7 version 3 training all around Europe since 2001. The courses will take place at the Regents College Conference Centre, London.

The training courses are generic in nature, i.e. they will cover some of the UK specific aspects of the HL7 standard, but they don't contain any English NHS specific subjects. This to ensure that the training course provides understanding of the universal HL7 standards, for those working in the context of the English NHS, in one of the other Home Countries, or those that want to use/implement HL7 in other European countries. These training courses have been provided to hundreds of trainees in over a dozen countries.

For those of you (Europeans) outside of the UK who'd like to attend an English-language training course: these courses in London (October 19th up to October 22nd) are probably the best option you'll have this year. There'll also be an English-language HL7 version 3 / CDA training in Trondheim (Norway) on November 4th and 5th.

Given the level of interest in HL7 in the UK it's good to be back and to provide UK based HL7 training. It'll also be interesting to see how many participants we'll have that are not UK based, we already have had enquiries from countries such as Slovenia, Lithuania and Israel.


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