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Top 10 HL7 videos watched in 2013

Publication date: Jan 02, 2014

Ringholm regularly publishes videos - what were the most popular videos in 2013?

Over the past 5 years I've published close to 60 videos - most of them interviews or presentations. Below the top 10 videos (in terms of the number of times they were played in 2013):

Top 10 videos of 2013
See https://vimeo.com/ringholm for videos.

It's not a real suprise that FHIR (#1, #2, #6, #8 and #10) was a topic of interest in 2013. RIMBAA (#3) is an older video, it does cover an architectural approach that will remain of interest to software implementers for quite a while yet.

Much to Grahame's chagrin (because of the bad lighting which makes him look like a criminal [his own words]) and to my amazement (it covers an exotic topic) the HL7 MIF video (#4), continues to be viewed in large numbers (it is the all time high most viewed video). On the other hand this is one of the very few videos that features Grahame - we'll make sure to create a interview him this year.

The HL7 Wiki videos (#5 and #7) explain how one can edit the HL7 wiki - newbies to HL7 are probably racking up the number of views. Some videos (#4, #8, #9 and #10) feature persons that are well known in standardization circles - which very likely contributes to the number of times they were viewed.

Upcoming Videos

I'll continue to create videos - both interviews (such as the one related to the History of HL7 whitepaper) as well as presentations (e.g. the presentations held during the HL7 AID User Group meetings).


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