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Top 10 HL7 videos watched in 2015

Publication date: Dec 24, 2015

Ringholm regularly publishes videos - what were the most popular videos in 2015?

Over the past year I've published 44 new videos - most of them interviews or presentations. Below the top 10 videos (in terms of the number of times they were played in 2015):

Top 10 videos of 2015
See https://vimeo.com/ringholm for videos.

This year all videos are FHIRed up - with one DICOM Introduction video at #10. At #4 Grahame's key note from the recent FHIR DevDays in Amsterdam. Videos #2, #7 and #9 are over two years old, but they're still relevant today. At #9 is a video pitch for out FHIR training course, which is mostly presented in an on-site/customized format.

The #1 video, FHIR Overview for Executives was also the most frequently downloaded video, showing a continued interest in this kind of high level overview of the FHIR standard.

Videos have now been categorized into a number of channels:

In 2015 Firely (authors of Simplifier.net, Forge and Spark, amongst other things) have started recording a series of FHIR related interviews, these will also be made available via the FHIR channel shown above.

Upcoming Videos

I'll continue to create videos - both interviews as well as presentations (e.g. the presentations held during the HL7 AID User Group meetings).


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